Fire Over England (1937) Tuesday, February 24th, 7 PM @ Darkside Cinema

Starring Laurence Olivier, Flora Robson, Vivien Leigh, James Mason, Raymond Massey and Leslie Banks, directed by William K. Howard.  This star studded period piece covers the volatile reign of Queen Elizabeth and her struggles with Spain as well as her own court.  FireOverEnglandScreeningArtPRINTRobson is mesmerizing as the Queen, and Laurence Olivier hints at his future mega stardom as the dashing Michael Ingolby, savior of the crown.  This production matches it’s amazing cast with glorious sets, adventure, intrigue and romance around every corner. It’s also the 3rd CMNYK screening to feature the great Leslie Banks.  Better get there early, the last time we screened a Laurence Olivier picture, it was standing room only.  And of course this screening will feature amazing newsreels, shorts, soundies, cartoons and other treats from 1937 to really take you back.  Don’t miss this, the 35th edition of CMNYK, at the Darkside Cinema!

Cyrano De Bergerac (1950) Tuesday, February 17th, 7 PM @ Darkside Cinema

Starring Jose Ferrer, directed by Michael Gordon, produced by Stanley Kramer.  This is the production that won Jose Ferrer his Oscar for his unforgettable turn as the real life duelist/poet, CyranoScreeningPRINTCyrano De Bergerac.  An unstoppably witty raconteur with penchant for fighting, Cyrano uses his talent for language to woo Roxane, his love, but not for himself, for his rival.  Sporting a prosthetic nose that would make Adrien Brody blush, Ferrer owns every inch of the screen with his fiery and legendary performance.  The role of Cyrano has been played on screen by no less than the likes of Sir Derek Jacobi, Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Placido Domingo, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Christopher Plummer and Gerard Depardieu, and still to this day, nobody challenges the assertion that Ferrer did it best.  Join us for this free spirited romantic drama that has adventure spilling from the seams.

M (1931) Tuesday, February 10th, 7 PM @ Darkside Cinema

Starring Peter Lorre and Otto Wernicke, directed by Fritz Lang, in German with English subtitles.  This insanely influential German classic can be considered the birth of the modern thriller. Before M, movies didn’t countenance character exploration beyond “white hat = good, black hat = bad.” Lang, the patron saint of horror, thrillers and sci-fi bent and broke all the rules and turned out this nail biter that seems as fresh today as when it was released nearly 85 years ago.CMNYK_M_2_10

Hans Beckert, played by the great Peter Lorre, is a psychotic serial killer who preys on children while whistling Hall of the Mountain King. His reign of terror has gotten so bad that the police shut down the city in an effort to trap him. When this squeeze starts to affect the local crime syndicate’s revenue, they also set out to catch the killer. Prepare to experience the birth of the term “edge of your seat” thrills.