The Girl Was Young (aka Young and Innocent, 1937) Tuesday, April 7th @ 7 PM

Directed by the master, Alfred Hitchcock, based on the novel “A Shilling for Candles” by Josephine Tey, TheGirlWasYoungPRINTThe Girl Was Young is an oft forgotten masterpiece.  Hitchcock unveiled some of the technical artistry that would become his signature in this film, including masterful crane and tracking shots whih boggled minds when the movie was released in 1937. Nova Pilbeam, who we recently saw at CMNYK in another Hitchcock classic, The Man Who Knew Too Much, stars as the heroine of this whodunit that features a plot that would become central in many of his films, a wrongfully accused man trying to clear his name.
This glorious Hitchcock classic will be screened at the Darkside Cinema at 7 PM on Tuesday, April 7th.  Of course there will be newsreels and cartoons from 1937 before the film starts, and you should probably arrive early as this Hitchcock guy is pretty popular.


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