The Invaders (aka 49th Parallel, 1941) Tuesday, April 21 @ 7 PM

How’s this for a kooky setup: a U-Boat full of Nazis gets stranded in Canada, and desperately attempts to make it to safety in the United States! When this film was released in 1941 the US was still neutral 49thParallelArtFACEBOOKabout WWII.  The Brits made this propagandistic piece of film excellence to try and nudge us into the fray. Laurence Olivier, Raymond Massey, Leslie Howard, Glynis Johns and a several other screen legends appeared in this taut thriller.  Michael Powell directed this film that will have you rooting for the Mounties to stop a marauding and murderous band of German soldiers desperate to make it to the safety of the United States. Olivier makes his 3rd appearance at Community Movie Night, while Leslie Howard and Raymond Massey both make their second.  You should make your first appearance if you haven’t yet, at this great piece of WWII cinema history.  See you all there!


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