Scarlet Street (1945) Tuesday, April 28th @ 7 PM

Fritz Lang is easily among the greatest directors to ever do it.  His genre defining films such as Metropolis (1927), Spies (1928) and M (1931) are remembered as ultra-classics, but this noir ScarletStreetScreeningArtFACEBOOKmelodrama starring the legendary Edward G. Robinson also deserves to be seen.  At this point in his career, Lang was churning out stylish thrillers left and right.  Scarlet Street was made on the heels of one of his biggest commercial successes, The Woman in the Window (1944), and reunites that film’s stars, Robinson and Joan Bennett. He plays a talented painter in a loveless marriage who meets her, an intriguing femme fatale, and wouldn’t you know it?  Complications ensue.  This brilliant and beautiful overlooked noir masterpiece also features Dan Duryea in a supporting role. Join us for Fritz Lang and Edward G. Robinson’s second appearances at CMNYK.  As always, free admission at the wonderful Darkside Cinema!


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