Cold Sweat (1970) Tuesday, May 5th @ 7 PM

Directed by Terence Young, starring Charles Bronson, Liv Ullmann, James Mason, Jill Ireland and Jean Topart, it’s Cold Sweat, from the novel Ride the Nightmare by Richard Matheson. CMNYK is blazing new territory with our first movie from the 70s, and the territory is not the only thing blazing; the guns ColdSweatScreeningFACEBOOKare too with this taut action thriller from the director of Dr. No and the star of some of the greatest action films ever, the inimitable Charles Bronson (Dirty Dozen, Magnificent Seven, The Mechanic, Death Hunt, Death Wish). This French-US co-production features three time Oscar nominee James Mason and two time nominee Ullmann as well as Bronson’s long time wife and co-star, Jill Ireland, in a car chase fueled exploration of secrets, lies and revenge. Joe Martin (Bronson) is a former drug dealer who has to confront his closet full of skeletons when one of them comes out and grabs his wife and kid. Cold Sweat also has the distinction of featuring one of Bronson’s best mustaches, in a long illustrious history of great mustache-ing. As always, admission is free and donations benefit the Darkside Cinema.


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