Murder! (1930) Tuesday, May 19th @ 7 PM

Directed by the great Alfred Hitchcock, starring Norah Baring MurderScreeningArtPRINTand Herbert Marshall, this is only the second talkie the master directed.  Baring is an innocent woman framed for murder who finds her case being investigated by one of the jurors after the verdict! This is the 7th appearance by Hitchcock at CMNYK, and the earliest of his films we’ve shown yet.  Many of his masterful techniques, for which he remains the gold standard of excellence, were honed in these earlier works, which rarely see the screen these days.  Join us for this rare and oft forgotten classic by the greatest director who ever lived.  And of course prepare yourself for the insanity and awe of wonderful newsreels, shorts, soundies and other weird goodies from 1930 to prime the feature.  Better get there early, this Hitchcock guy is crazy popular.

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