Spy in Black (1939) June 16th, 7 pm @ Darkside Cinema

Spy in Black (1939) starring Valerie Hobson, Conrad Veidt and Marius Goring, produced by Alexander Korda and Emeric Pressburger, directed by Michael Powell.  This is the second Powell & Pressburger SpyinBlackScreeningPRINTfilm to be screened at CMNYK (after 49th Parallel on April 21st), and we saved the best for… second.  One of the finest wartime thrillers ever made, Spy in Black is the story of a German U-Boat in World War One spying off the coast of Scotland. Veidt, one of the greatest German actors of all time, is a powerhouse as the captain of the ship, and Sebastian Shaw makes an appearance as a disgraced Royal Navy Captain turned traitor (Shaw’s face is probably most recognizable as that of Darth Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi). Spy in Black (also known as U-Boat 29 upon its release) is also important as the first collaboration between Powell & Pressburger, one of the most prolific and decorated film making teams in history.  They made 24 films together over the course of 33 years, including 49th Parallel (1941) and Black Narcissus (1947). This is one of the most exciting and unfortunately forgotten war time thrillers produced out of Britain during World War II and a great bit of acting, writing and masterful direction from one of the greatest film making teams of all time, under the watchful eye of the brilliant Alexander Korda.  As always, the show is completely free to the public, so don’t miss it!


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