Road to Bali (1952) June 30th, 7 PM @ Darkside Cinema

Directed by Hal Walker, starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour, this is the sixth of seven “Road to…” movies that Bing and Bob made together, and the last one they would make before a 10 year layoff leading up to the disappointing final installment. None of the films are continuations of each Road2BaliPRINTother, and each begins with a new wacky premise that has the pair traveling to an exotic locale to joust over the affections of Dorothy Lamour. They’re also all splendid comedy classics which epitomize the comic tastes of the era and show modern day comedians how a well trained performer puts on a show. Crosby and Hope were among the biggest draws of the era, which was marked by the rise of comedy duos dominating the big screen. Crosby and Hope would go head to head with the likes of Laurel & Hardy, Martin & Lewis, and of course,  Abbott & Costello at the box office during the 40s and 50s and Road to Bali also features cameos from Bing’s little brother, famous big bad leader, Bob Crosby, as well as stars of the era such as Dean Martin, Jane Russell, Jerry Lewis, and Carolyn Jones (most recognizable as the original Morticia Addams).
As always, CMNYK is totally FREE and open to everyone.  Donations are accepted and benefit the Darkside Cinema renovations.  Road to Bali marks the 52nd Community Movie Night screening (54th if you count the Halloween double feature special), and there’s no end in sight.  Join us for the one year anniversary celebration on July 7th featuring live music and other surprises. Thanks for keeping us going Corvallis!

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