Father Brown (aka The Detective, 1954) Tuesday, August 25th, 7 PM @ Darkside Cinema

Father Brown (aka The Detective, 1954) starring Alec Guinness and Peter Finch, directed by Robert Hamer, based on the stories of G.K. Chesterton. FatherBrownDetectivePRINT
CMNYK is really dusting off the star-power for this one. Let’s see: two acting legends Guinness (Bridge on the River Kwai, Star Wars, Dr. Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia) and Finch (Network, Flight of the Phoenix, Far from the Madding Crowd) go head to head in a delightfully poppy comic mystery, based on the stories of one of the 20th century’s sharpest wits, Chesterton, and directed by the great Robert Hamer (Kind Hearts and Coronets). In short, if you miss this one, you’ll hate yourself. Guinness is the titular Father Brown, a reserved padre and amateur detective who sleuths it up in the far corners of the United Kingdom for the glory of god and justice… and good humor.
This CMNYK event is going down at the Darkside Cinema on Tuesday, August 25th, and the fun starts at 7:00 PM. As always, admission is FREE, but donations are welcomed and benefit the Darkside Cinema renovations. The show will be preceded by an intro from CMNYK curator and person who loves a nice filet of sole sauteed with some asparagus, Ygal Kaufman, as well as newsreels, shorts, cartoons, commercials and other vintage goodies from 1954 to make the experience extra authentic. See you all there!

Make sure to stop by our sponsor, The Majestic Theatre, for all their great programming.


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