Rain (1932) November 17th at 7 PM at the Darkside Cinema

Starring Joan Crawford and Walter Huston, directed by Lewis Milestone. This stirring pre-code drama is one of legendary Joan Crawford’s most overlooked performances. She plays Sadie RainScreeningThompson, a prostitute on the island of Pago Pago who gets mixed up with a missionary, religion and feminism with beautiful results. This is the third CMNYK screening based on the work of Somerset Maugham, the second featuring the great Leiws Milestone in the director‘s chair, and the first featuring one of the greatest stars in Hollywood’s history, the great Joan Crawford. The role of Sadie was also famously tackled in a silent version in 1928 starring Gloria Swanson, and a watered down 1953 version with Rita Hayworth, but Joan Crawford’s is the most unique and daring take.
This CMNYK screening is going down at the Darkside Cinema on Tuesday, November 17th, and the fun starts at 7:00 PM. As always, admission is FREE, but donations are welcomed and benefit the Darkside Cinema renovations. The show will be preceded by an intro from long celebrating Cleveland Cavaliers fan, Ygal Kaufman, as well as newsreels, shorts, cartoons and other weird goodies from 1932 to make the experience extra authentic. See you all there!
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