Jean Renoir’s The Southerner (1945) Tuesday, March 1st, 7 p.m. @ the Darkside Cinema

Directed by Jean Renoir, starring Zachary Scott, Betty Field and Beulah Bondi, this is
one of the greatest directors who ever lived weaving one of his most engrossing tales with this drama that begs the description “searing” like a tuna steak. SouthernerPRINTA poor but optimistic family of American sharecroppers try for their own plot. Drama ensues. Beautiful acting and brilliant directing (which earned Renoir an Oscar nom for best director) are showcased in this week’s CMNYK which also features another musical performance from Justin Schepige with a silent short (live organ score with Charlie Chaplin’s The Rink, 1916).
This CMNYK screening is going down at the Darkside Cinema on Tuesday, March 1st, and the fun starts at 7:00 PM. As always, admission is FREE, but donations are welcomed and benefit the Darkside Cinema renovations. The show will be preceded by an intro from unregistered Republocrat, Ygal Kaufman, as well as newsreels, shorts, cartoons, soundies and other weird treats from 1945 to make the experience extra authentic. See you all there!
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