Made For Each Other (1939) Tuesday, May 3rd, 7 p.m. at the Darkside Cinema

It’s the uberlegend Jimmy Stewart’s first appearance at CMNYK in this romantic dramedy MadeForEachOtherPRINTthat sees him married to a woman he barely knows (played by the great Carole Lombard, in her 3rd CMNYK appearance). Love and laughter will fill the room, along with the smell of popcorn and Aqua Velva (if my uncle comes). Don’t miss this classic.
This CMNYK screening is going down at the Darkside Cinema on Tuesday, May 3rd, and the fun starts at 7:00 PM. As always, admission is FREE, but donations are welcomed and benefit the Darkside Cinema renovations. The show will be preceded by an intro from a man with 11 toes, Ygal Kaufman, as well as newsreels, shorts, cartoons, soundies and other weird treats from 1939 to make the experience extra authentic. See you all there!
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