CMNYK Annual Halloween Double Feature! Nosferatu and Manos, together at last! Tuesday, November 1, 7 PM, Darkside Cinema, Corvallis, OR

CMNYK Halloween Double Feature babies! It’s back! For a 3rd year of mayhem. Last year we screened a couple classics and even had a Skype appearance from cult legend Arch Hall, Jr. (star of The Sadist, one of the films we watched). This year we figured we’d kick things up a notchcmnykhalloween3
At 7 PM we’ll be opening the double feature with FW Murnau’s hyper-legendary mega-classic horror masterpiece, Nosferatu (1922). But we’re going to watch it the CMNYK way, which means with a live, all new score to the film being played in the theater by the excellent CMNYK house band, featuring Justin Schepige and Kevin Van Walk of The Van Meyers and DTW (some of the geniuses¬†behind Funk in the Forest).
Then at 9 PM we’re going to screen the majestic restoration print of the cult drive-in classic, Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966), celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. And what better way to celebrate than with original Manos cast member, Jackey Neyman Jones, who’ll join us at the Darkside Cinema to talk about the forthcoming sequel, Manos Returns, giving us a special introduction to the original and signing copies of her book, Growing Up with Manos.
And all this, mind you, is FOR FREE. If you’re not there, the master will be displeased…

Tuesday, November 1, 7 PM, Darkside Cinema, Corvallis, OR

The Big Wheel (1949) Tuesday, October 18th at the Darkside Cinema, 7 PM Free Admission!!

Mickey Rooney makes hearts swoon as the plucky young driver behind the wheel of a dangerous racecar in this fast paced melodrama that’s basically a pre-make (we’re coining that phrase) of Tony Scott’s Tom Cruise smolderer, Days of Thunder (1990).bigwheeldarkside If that doesn’t rev your engines, I don’t know what will. As always, this CMNYK screening will be preceded by newsreels and cartoons from 1949, as well as a silent short film with live music in the theater by Justin Schepige and Kevin Van Walk. Just your average CMNYK Tuesday night party. Like every Tuesday, the festivities start at 7 PM and we would warn you to be there a little early if you want to guarantee seating. ¬†But maybe we’re just old fashioned…